ARMM™ 7-day program – 2024 active rhythm – music meditation – mindfulness
Rest – Rewire – Restore
An inspirational, multi-dimensional program for restoration, resilience and personal and creative growth.
ABOUT ARMM™ – program series developed by Tania Bosak

The ARMM program has grown out of my ongoing passion for working with and researching ‘Out of Mind’ states and non-dualistic modalities for health, healing, and performance training. ARMM™ also represents a body of work that has grown out of a deeper inquiry into the common elements connecting creative, scientific, and somatic practices   – Tania Bosak 

ARMM™ (Active Rhythm Music Meditation and Mindfulness) ONLINE
ARMM™ programs cater to professionals in the helping professions, including body-workers, teachers, therapists, social workers, nurses, and health practitioners. These programs integrate somatic movement, Generative Change/Trance practices, the TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Process by Reinhard Flatischler, along with sound and drumming meditations. The focus is on equipping participants with practical tools to recognize, manage, and navigate through physical and creative burnout. Engaging in ARMM programs provides an opportunity for self-restoration, rewiring, and renewal.
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ABOUT Tania Bosak 

knowledge, depth, inspiration, self-discovery, fun, collaboration, flow, expression, listening, down to earth, deeply relaxing, joyous, freeing, motivating, exploration, deeply relaxing, fun!  – just a few words from Tania’s clients and students when describing her sessions, workshops and retreats.


‘Expressive Arts for Change’ form the focus of Tania Bosak’s ARMM™ program, as she weaves more than 34 years of professional training and practice in music, dance, theatre, the TaKeTiNa rhythm Process, and therapeutic practices.

Tania is a certified Generative Change Practitioner, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, and Master TaKeTiNa Rhythm teacher. She continues to work across the arts as a rhythm teacher, musician, producer, and performing arts trainer on a wide range of projects and events.

Tania is known for her down to earth approach when working with altered states, and her ability to make this practice accessible, safe, fun and deeply rewarding.


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Individually designed programs and courses online for individuals, groups, and organizations.
Areas include; Active Rhythm Music Meditation Training (ARMM™) - Creative and Life Coaching - Mentorship programs - TaKeTiNa Rhythm (Rhythm & Instrumental, Berimbau & Korean Tsanngo for TakeTiNa teachers and students) - Generative Trance and Counselling services.