About the TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Process

TaKeTiNa®, a rhythm, body, and voice process for personal evolution and well-being. As developed by Reinhard Flatischler.
What is TaKeTiNa®?
In TaKeTiNa® music, movement, communication, and chaos theory are integrated to create a unique process for learning and transformation.
Learning with the TaKeTiNa® process develops inner presence, creativity, musicality, and opens an awareness of our individual patterns, which inhibit our lives and relationships. TaKeTiNa® leads participants to their innate rhythmic knowledge and connects us to the forgotten power of rhythm in nature and within us. As a deeply relaxing and meditative process, TaKeTiNa® requires no musical experience and invites participants to go at their own pace.
Body as Instrument
Learning through the body is direct and requires no technical skills. Rhythms are layered into the body through stepping, clapping, and the voice. Rhythm becomes a mirror for our personal process and teaching us how to enter our true authentic nature.
Where is TaKeTiNa® being used?
TaKeTiNa® is used in various settings including, open public workshops, in arts and music institutions, therapy, and social work settings as well as an effective group rhythm and music therapy in prisons, drug rehabilitation programs, theatre and performance training programs, dance companies, and corporate training.

For information on becoming a TaKeTiNa® facilitator Visit the TaKeTiNa Teacher Training page for more details.

TaKeTiNa® is a worldwide registered trademark, and the process and its content is subject to copyright. Teacher trainings are conducted by certified Master TaKeTiNa Teachers. The process can only be led by certified TaKeTiNa teachers registered with the TaKeTiNa Institute.

TaKeTiNa®Rhythm Process was founded by Reinhard Flatischler.

Experiences with Tania


Along the Taketina training journey, I realize I have been opening myself to others much more than ever. I have long been very shy and insecure with others, thinking with exaggeration that anyone out of my close circle could be a threat. It was out of my control and indeed linked to a disproportionate fear of the unknown. This training was of course challenging but helped me to allow myself, very gradually, securely and effectively, to trust in me and in others as well.

Olivier OswaldTaKeTiNa teacher Paris

I went along to band practice after we ended Sunday and felt more focused and playful, and wondered how the practice would have been if all the band members had attended...pretty energized and creative I suspect.

FranWellington NZ

What a wonderful weekend of "active meditation" through rhythm...

Carol Shortis Choir Leader Wellington NZ

When Tania talked about being "in flow with the rhythms" as a metaphor for "being connected and present in life "and being" out of flow with the rhythms, as "getting caught up in our mind chatter", I knew I was in the right place. It was an amazing, profound and transformative experience that I will be processing and absorbing for some time to come!


TaKeTiNaWellington NZ

TaKeTiNa GaMaLa is still resonating with me - it was a very rich, deep experience for me and pinpointed my inability (or unwillingness perhaps) to completely let go... but never the less I feel I made some strides in that direction. Thankyou

SilvanaTaKeTiNa Wellington NZ

Dear Tania, I took part in the Starnberg-TaKeTiNa Workshop...it was an amazing experience for me - and I just want to thank you once again for your drumming - which was a profound support for me. It was so great to discover: whenever I fell out of rhythm, I could just stay/stop, listen and "find" the rhythm again. This experience means a lot to me...

TaKeTiNa Germany

...I thoroughly enjoyed it as personally I find it hard to meditate sitting still. I felt nicely unraveled for a good few days afterward, and there's still a lot more to unravel...It was an amazing, profound and transformative experience that I will be processing and absorbing for some time to come!

TaKeTiNa Wellington

Tania's approach to teaching is joyful and challenging in a very caring way, creating a sense of security and ease in opening up to rhythm.

TaKeTiNa Participant Paris

Tania created a relaxed, supportive and safe environment where I could explore and develop self-awareness around being "in and out of flow." -

KerryWellington NZ

Bosak's an accomplished musician, singer, comedian and stage performer; here she assumes the persona of an intense, slightly mad gothic noir/dominatrix/circus master/conductor to the band, leading the musicians in an 'art music' extravaganza.

Liza Dezfouli Australian Stage

Thanks so much for an awesome evening of frivolous, spontaneous, impulsive, musically brilliant & enriching, culturally aware, historically correct, lighting spectacular, very Melbourne, cool and groovy awesome entertainment which inspired my girlfriend's grandmother to inform her family today or her amazing night out! Thank you.

Josef Goding

TaKeTiNa provides joyful and exciting access to rhythm for musician, dancers, and music therapists alike. With TaKeTiNa, complex rhythms become really simple!


TaKeTiNa starts with a gentle gong and ends with an intense drum beat for the soul. TaKeTiNa is powerful. It is a method that triggers systemic processes, a method that enables teams to experience themselves as teams and allows them to obtain new impulses for organisational action under the aspects of “experiencing limits” and “transcending limits.


The TaKeTiNa process helps us to understand complex systems and their dynamics in a creative way. It provides an efficient foundation for managing the important questions of our time.


TaKeTiNa is able to generate repeatedly and predictably ideal states for the nervous system and for the body’s many biorhythms – this has been proven by the research studies I am involved in as a physician.


What a privilege to explore the mysteries and magic of rhythm and song with two such inspiring musicians! With humor, warmth and immense skill, Bonnie and Tania crafted a journey of sound exploration that was both fun and exhilarating. I have learned so much and can’t wait to do more!

Kylie WhyteMusician - Voice and Rhythm workshop with Bonnie Smith & Tania Bosak 2018
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