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Individually designed programs and courses online for individuals, groups, and organizations.
Areas include; Active Rhythm Music Meditation Training (ARMM™) - Creative and Life Coaching - Mentorship programs - TaKeTiNa Rhythm (Rhythm & Instrumental, Berimbau & Korean Tsanngo for TakeTiNa teachers and students) - Generative Trance and Counselling services.

Instrumental, PulseDRUM & Somatic Rhythm Training

For all level musicians, dancers and performers wishing to improve their rhythm and improvisational skills on all instruments. Sing and play your instrument with more freedom and independence. This course guides you to more freedom, confidence and creativity to express yourself musically.

Active Rhythm Music Meditation courses (ARMM™)

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this online course will provide you with the necessary tools to implement rhythm and music meditation into your daily life for relaxation, stress reduction, resilience, and creative flow.

Life Coaching, Counselling and Mentorship

Expressive Arts for healing and change form the focus and the foundation of Tania’s therapeutic and coaching practice as she uniquely combines her professional training and practice in the arts and training as Solution Focused Counsellor and Generative Trance Therapist. See more information below. More details below. /vc_column_text]

Free 30 minute consultation when bundles of 3 sessions or more purchased in advance…

For bundles of 3 or more sessions purchased in advance, your unique course is created after a FREE 30-minute consultation, via Zoom or phone.

Tania will prepare a unique course with a focus on reaching your rhythm or active rhythm music meditation goals. One-off sessions are also available by booking directly

Courses are available to those who want to improve their rhythm on any instrument, use polyrhythm and cross-rhythm as a tool for composition, or learn how to use rhythm for their daily meditation practice. As a Master TaKeTiNa teacher, Tania is also available for one-off or ongoing lessons on the berimbau, Korean tsanngo, and the TaKeTiNa Process for TaKeTiNa teachers and students in training.

Online packages can also be designed to fully integrate aspects of Tania’s work and teaching including; creative coaching, meditation techniques, counseling, and instrumental somatic-rhythm training.


``Meditation for people who can't keep still!`` - Tania Bosak


Instrumental Somatic-Rhythm and TaKeTiNa


For all level musicians, dancers and performers wishing to improve their rhythm independence, and improvisational skills on any instrument. Whether you want to focus on polyrhythm and cross-rhythm utilizing the whole body, or sing and play your instrument with more freedom and independence, this course can guide you to more freedom, confidence, and creativity to express yourself musically, and to find your unique voice, sound and signature. As a Master TaKeTiNa Teacher Tania also specializes in teaching TaKeTiNa Teachers and students in training on surdo, berimbau, tsanngo, and the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process. Email Tania for more details and requests or book a session here. YOUR course is created after an initial FREE 30-minute consultation, via Zoom or phone. Available as a 3 session 4 session 6 session or 8 session package.


Active Rhythm Music Meditation (ARMM™)


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this online course will give you the necessary tools to implement into your daily life as a stress reduction and relaxation practice. This practice is based on rhythm, breath, voice, and visualisation. 6-minute, 12-minute and 20-minute meditations will become your foundation for rest, self-nurture, creativity, and personal growth. Together we set your goals and focus for daily meditation practice.

YOUR course is created after an initial FREE 30-minute consultation, via Zoom or phone. Available as a 3 session 4 session 6 session or 8 session lesson package. directly for pricing and availabilities as well as one off instrumental classes for Berimbau, Surdo and Tsanngo.


Creative and Life Coaching, Counselling services


Tania has been working as a personal creative coach and generative trance therapist for 12 years after training as a Solution Focused Counsellor at The Centre for Effective Therapies (CET) with Rob McNeilly. Tania has also trained with Dr Stephen Gilligan and completed training as a practitioner of Generative Change in Generative Trance, at IAP, Sydney. Tania now offers online sessions in this practice that has greatly informed her therapeutic and expressive art practice. Working with the practice of Generative Change has been both nourishing and liberating for me. As a therapist, musician, and passionate teacher of the healing arts, it has offered new doorways for working with and entering the creative consciousness, for my clients and equally for myself. The practice has provided me with a very direct, playful, and intuitive form that works with multiple intelligences and it continues to surprise me and my clients! – Tania Bosak Tania is a registered member of the International Association for Generative Change (IAGC) Email directly for pricing and availabilities.

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Experience Tania

Along the Taketina training journey, I realize I have been opening myself to others much more than ever. I have long been very shy and insecure with others, thinking with exaggeration that anyone out of my close circle could be a threat. It was out of my control and indeed linked to a disproportionate fear of the unknown. This training was of course challenging but helped me to allow myself, very gradually, securely and effectively, to trust in me and in others as well.

Olivier OswaldTaKeTiNa teacher Paris

I went along to band practice after we ended Sunday and felt more focused and playful, and wondered how the practice would have been if all the band members had attended...pretty energized and creative I suspect.

FranWellington NZ

What a wonderful weekend of "active meditation" through rhythm...

Carol Shortis Choir Leader Wellington NZ

When Tania talked about being "in flow with the rhythms" as a metaphor for "being connected and present in life "and being" out of flow with the rhythms, as "getting caught up in our mind chatter", I knew I was in the right place. It was an amazing, profound and transformative experience that I will be processing and absorbing for some time to come!


TaKeTiNaWellington NZ

Welcome to a world of creativity

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