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Tania works as an actor, performance trainer, vocalist, and percussionist across various groups and organizations spanning Australia and Europe. She also leads specialized Master classes and training sessions for actors, dancers and musicians. Tania’s performance with her bands, The Barefoot Orchestra, Beijao, Rektango, and Tania Bosak & Friends.


Workshop Events 2024

BRUSSELS May 8-9-10, 2024

Rhythm Synergy & Flow Series 3 ’24 Includes a Beginner option or an Advanced option

A 3-day drumming, percussion + TaKeTiNa course with Tania Bosak and Manu Lurquin / BOOKING UP!

More info For all details email activerhythmm@gmail.com 

AMSTERDAM May 31st -June 1st -2nd, 2024

2.5-day TaKeTiNa Intensive workshop

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GERMANY July 22-23, 2024

2.5-day TaKeTiNa Intensive workshop

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Elevate, Transform, Perform: A Journey into Altered States

A series of laboratory workshops led by Tania Bosak will be offered in Belgium in 2024. Designed for cross-artform performers, this unique series promises an immersive journey into the depths of altered states, unlocking a realm of creativity and authenticity.

If you’re a cross-artform performer seeking to redefine your craft, “Elevate, Transform, Perform: A Journey into Altered States” is your gateway to a world of artistic discovery. Whether you’re an actor, musician, or creator, these workshops promise to be a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Secure your spot and be prepared to elevate, transform, and perform like never before. Limited to 15 participants. For more information, please reach out via email at activerhythmm@gmail.com 


TaKeTiNa® Rhythm Process

In TaKeTiNa® music, movement, communication, and nondualistic practices are integrated to create a unique process for learning and transformation. Tania produced three teacher trainings in Australia between 2011 and 2022. As a certified Master TaKeTiNa teacher, Tania is currently teaching TaKeTiNa at the Conservatorium of Brussels as part of the Bachelor of Rhythm course. See more details here on this process. TaKeTiNa® was founded by musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler.


Pulse Rhythm Events International

Events and workshops for personal evolution, active meditation, and creativity. Courses include drumming, movement, dance, voice, body percussion, and performance training with a team of arts specialists between Australia and Europe. Sign up to our email list for updates and the upcoming 2024 tour.


20 minutes - 20 days TaKeTiNa Morning Meditations 2024

These 20-minute sessions are offered as pure rhythm meditation and mindfulness practice to frame your day/evening. Devised and structured by Master TaKeTINa teacher Tania Bosak, sessions are for all levels of experience in rhythm/music, meditation and the TaKeTiNa Process.

The morning meditations are not the full TaKeTiNa Process and sessions are designed as a relaxing, accessible, body-centred approach to entering deep states of relaxation and creative rest. An open public online program will commence in late 2024. Contact Pulse Rhythm to register here 

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Experience Tania

​Bosak is a charismatic performer with strong theatrical instincts and a natural comedic flair...a marvellous 9-piece band with a playful energy that elicits some hilarious interactions.

The Age Newspaper

Supper at Stanleys is a highly entertaining – and delightfully unpredictable– journey through Bosaks cultural heritage and musical influences. Yes, there are plenty of irresistible Balkan gypsy tunes, but there are also unexpected detours through Afro-Brazilian music, jazz poetry and Korean drumming. Its' a slightly eccentric mix, yet somehow it works. (more…)

Jessica Nicholas Reviewer THE AGE

Tania Bosak returned to Hobart world premiering her incredibly energetic, and extraordinarily mobile Barefoot Orchestra .. a MOFO highlight!

The Mercury TAS 
The Mercury  Tasmania

They may be barefoot, but when they hit you in your musical solar plexus, you won't know what hit you!

Brian Ritchie MOFO Festival director /curator
Brian Ritchie MOFO Festival director /curator

TaKeTiNa starts with a gentle gong and ends with an intense drum beat for the soul. TaKeTiNa is powerful. It is a method that triggers systemic processes, a method that enables teams to experience themselves as teams and allows them to obtain new impulses for organisational action under the aspects of “experiencing limits” and “transcending limits.


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