Hey Drums: Documenting Australian Drummers


Hey Drums 1 (2016-present) is a blog documenting the work and experiences of Australian
female and non binary drummers. The site also features percussionists but is largely focused on
promoting a diverse intersection of players of an instrument widely and predominantly accepted
as the territory of cis gendered men 2 : the drum kit. At the time of writing, interviews with more
than 125 drummers from across the continent have been published on the site and promoted on
Hey Drums social media platforms and a dedicated Spotify playlist featuring bands with female
and gender non conforming (gnc) drummers. The project has grown into an online and real life
community of drummers, regular articles in a nationwide drumming magazine, as well as live
performance events and academic outcomes. This chapter will document the genesis, goals
and evolution of Hey Drums and affiliated events, highlighting some of the individual artists and
the broad range of areas they are working in.